My inspirations

Welcome to my inspirational ideas and wisdom that I receive by communicating with my higher self.


The Truth


How do I discern the Truth ?

Your heart is a compass to point the Truth through feelings entering your body when an information is delivered. Pay attention to those feelings! If they are welcoming and positive, there is a confirmation of  the Truth.

Everything you experience in life – connections with other people, decisions regarding education, job, marriage meant to be effortless to you. This is a validation of an alignment between your heart and  your mind.

Train yourself to embrace positive feelings every day and learn how to trust yourself in the process. Remember that anything you are trying to accomplish in your life is not supposed to be achieved by sacrifice. This is a belief adopted by your ego. Your true self is always joyful!

Truth is only one! And comes from the Light! If you see yourself as Light you become one, and you will be able to discern the Truth. Belief system is for those who separate themselves from the Truth.


Love versus Hate


No one who is choosing to hate is serving the ” right” purpose.

Love is whole, hate is separation from wholeness. The separation is misunderstanding of your true nature.

Love has no limits, no definition and no purpose. Love Is.

Hate is opposite of love. Hate creates anger, division, judgment and has its purpose. The purpose is to reject love as real, and to reveal what love is not.

Love and hate do not co-exist together because, the whole, which is love can not be divided.

Love is everything, hate is nothing, and nothing has no existence. It is illusion of your ego.

Love heals, hate destroys, and when something is destroyed it is not there.

Love accepts all, hate accepts nothing.


Emotional balance


Do you feel confused, anxious and fearful?

Are you finding yourself withdrawn from others?

Do you feel disconnected, irritated or angry?


These are the symptoms of emotional imbalance and living deprived from the true nature of yourself.

The natural state of being is acknowledging the fact that you are spiritual and you have an ability to create. Your body is a manifestation of your thoughts. Your life is a creation of your thinking.

Why feeling emotionally balanced is so important?

Finding harmony and peace of mind is the most powerful state of being that supports happy living.

When you are at that state you have ability to know what is the best for your highest good and able to feel connected to the Universe and all the beings.

You are able to create your life from the space of joy and happiness, not the space of lacking them.

The suppressed emotions only remind you that you are not fulfilling your function as a co-creator with Source.

You made a decision to depriving yourself of joy, which is separation from the natural flow. That is why you are connected to emotions like sadness, guilt or disappointment…and you are living the life based on those feelings.

In order to live happily is to accept and understand the spiritual nature with ability to create.

Creation comes from the mind and it is a blessing given to you at your birth time.

You have a choice to accept the gift and use it for the higher purpose of living. The gift is yours! You just need to dispel the illusion about dysfunctional thinking.

The possibilities are unlimited as the ability of using your mind to create the life of your dreams.

I believe, that it is time for you to claim the power and set yourself free from unwanted feelings by engaging yourself with meditation, yoga, nature or anything that brings the ability to go beyond the mind and will evoke the essential nature of bliss, happiness and peace.



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