About Julita

Hi! I’m Julita. I am an intuitive-life coach, motivator, and advocate of conscious living. My desire is to help women and men to redefine their relationships with themselves – to be happy, to be kind, to do nice things, to forgive, and to see the beauty in who they truly are.

I am a motivator who shares a collective vision of peace, happiness, love, success, prosperity, and equality for all.

I am an open-minded person constantly searching for  new life experiences and discovering the truth.

In my work with people, I deliver comfort and empathy to the nature of their matter as well as deep understanding on an individual level.

I encourage using one’s own intuition as a guide to overcome any obstacles in life. I strive to teach a person that they already know themselves best.

I support people in their journey and offer my leadership to everyone who desires to achieve inspirational goals.

I promote silence and relaxation as a powerful tool to connect with inner wisdom and discover unlimited potential within oneself.

I am open to sharing my own vision of perceiving life through  experiences and gained knowledge.

…in freedom.
…the simplicity of everyday life.
…we all deserve to have a great life.
…in the unlimited potential of the human mind.
…we are able to create reality we truly desire.
…in the power of silence.
… that only love is real.

 I am a trained life coach at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy where I gained the confidence and the empowerment to begin my life’s purpose.


What can you expect from working with me?

I strongly focus on mindset, realization and self- observation of basic daily activities in order to feel, know and release undesired emotions.

I take approach from a different angles – mind, body and spirit to connect inward with your own truth.

Have you been searching for answers and guidance to help you along on your personal path?

I can guide you to feel what there is to feel, and know what there is to know…




A little more about me:

  • I am originally from Augustow, Poland. Currently,  I live in Chicago with my daughter and 2 pets.
  • I am an advocate for animal welfare.
  • I graduated from University in Bialystok, where I studied law.
  • Travel is the fuel for my soul.
  • I love reading, learning and being outdoors.



I am here to motivate, uplift and help you to find what you’re looking for!