Working with me may be right for you if you are struggling with:

lack of confidence
fear, anxiety and trust
toxic relationships
being a people-pleaser
lack of life purpose
sense of belonging
creative block and lack of energy,
or… no one to talk to…


Working with me may help you to learn:


  • to accept yourself for who you are
  •  that you have the power and ability to create the life you desire
  • how to release everything that does not serve you and start living a joyful life
  • to find the opportunity to self discovery
  • to trust your own intuition
  • to accept the fact that you are not meant to like everyone and not everyone is meant to like you
  • how to live your life with passion
  • how to re-connect with your own wisdom
  • how to invite creativity into your life


I will assist  you in identifying and clearing blocks, and helping you become more conscious about your habits and behaviors.

You  will learn to calibrate and modify your thoughts and emotions to match the frequency suited for your desired life.

You will receive support through the many challenges in life, such as: divorce, grief, forgiveness, mid-life crisis, etc.




Clarity Session ($65) –  45 minutes conferencing is providing ability to  connect worldwide via phone, Skype or WhatApp. 

This is a unique opportunity to explore a specific issues or questions related to your personal life, relationship, or career.

Package of 4 Intuitive Sessions ($250) 4x 45 minutes sessions via Skype, phone or WhatApp are designed for diving deeper into  potential blockages and issues you are dealing with.





You can expect dramatic life change while working with me!!!