When I started life coaching sessions with Julita I was struggling with self-love and acceptance. I was tired of feeling sad , hurt and wanted to move on with my life. I was in a very rough time in my life and could not accept a new life change. After the first session with Julita, I felt uplifted , hopeful and was looking forward to the future. Julita helped me to realize that I have the power to get through any obstacles in life and  she also motivated me to begin to see positive side of that experience. Today, I love and accept myself for who I am, and I’m grateful for all my life lessons.

Steph, Chicago

Julita is an amazingly positive and caring person who has been a joy to work with! But, she is also very honest and straight to the point with you- she will call you out and hold you accountable. Julita really helped me get through some difficult situations in both my personal and professional life in 2016. I was struggling with fear of judgement and trying to cater my actions and feelings to that what I thought people wanted me to do or feel. I was always worried about what people were thinking of me and I was holding myself back from my goals and dreams. Julita listened and really understood what I was going through. She prepared daily actions and exercises that were catered specifically to me and my situation and she held me accountable. I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in my professional life and am less afraid of speaking my truth and being myself. I also learned to finally let go of relationships that were draining me and causing a lot of inner conflict. More importantly, I accept myself for who I am, without searching for validation or permission from others. She’s absolutely fantastic and I still continue working with her to make sure that I continue on my path to personal success!

Anna , Chicago